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We empower you to tap into the hearts of your customers with our app that allows you to compare two visual images at a time. The tester is only given a few seconds to instinctively choose their preference between two images, providing you true insight into their hearts’ desire. You can test anything you can see, from your product design, company logo, and packaging to advertisement layout and mor.

Who We Are

We are Pulse Instinct, a rapid preference testing app that provides quick, affordable, and accessible consumer insight to companies of all sizes. We help brands and agencies connect with their audience’s subconscious by collecting the most honest instinctive feedback.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower brands and agencies in their preference testing and consumer insight research with the help of science. We help our clients build a more profound customer connection through optimizing visual concepts with extraordinary speed and accuracy.

Our Approach

We use the latest cognitive science findings to back our app. Our methodology is based on a growing body of neuromarketing research that shows that people make decisions based on emotions rather than rationality. By limiting the time and options for the testers, we eliminate the biases and noise that often cloud their responses.

Our Team

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Founder & CEO

Lareesa Hu


Dušan D. Nešić


Luka Z. Tilinger

Back-end Engineer
Neuroscience Researcher

Alexander Berger

Marketing Manager

Yoran Beisher